Student Lunch Boxes

The Student Lunch Box program is managed by our lunch box crew.

Our student lunch boxes are made to order.  We offer FREE DELIVERY within BOERNE for lunch-box orders of 30 or more. Deliveries outside of Boerne will have a small delivery charge. A 15 lunch-box minimum and at least 48 hour’s advance notice is required. A lunch box order under 30 boxes can be picked up at your convenience at our Boerne location.

Our student lunch-boxes are a great way to provide a delicious and healthy lunch for students at schools, but also great for a youth group, or an academic or athletic team that needs a simple, quick and no-hassle meal. If you’re having a group of students over for a party or taking them on an outing, make it easy on yourself and give us a call to arrange a great meal for everyone.

Contact our lunch box crew to arrange meals for your student group. If you have any questions, call our “lunch box crew” at (830) 388-8034.